Top Brethren things to do on a snow day


6. Watch a video recording of a webinar or event you missed. It’s free! What could be more Brethren than that?

5. Sew on buttons. Sure, your winter coat still works with one button and a belt (speaking from personal experience), but maybe you will be warmer being able to close all those holes.

4. Plan your garden. Order seeds or plants after you make a few decisions. Will you clear a new spot? Rotate what grows where? Create raised beds? Put in a rain barrel or drip hose? (How did simple living get so complicated?!)

3. Lay out a small four square court with masking tape on a countertop. If you can’t find a little rubber bouncy ball, try making a ball. You had to be saving those rubber bands from the newspaper—and the broccoli—for something!

2. Make snow ice cream:  canned milk, vanilla and sugar mixed with a bowl of the cleanest snow you can find. Yes, we Brethren believe in a land flowing with milk and honey… it’s just that the milk and honey have to be below the freezing point.

1. Shovel for a neighbor… or a stranger… or even your dog. You know, whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus!

What would you add to this list?

–Jan Fischer Bachman

5 thoughts on “Top Brethren things to do on a snow day”

7.  Jill said:  LOVE that you included our traditional family treat of snow-ice-cream! Thought it hilarious a few weeks ago to see an actual RECIPE posted online for it.

8.  Marge said: Make Valentine cookies from scratch to give to someone you love, tomorrow being Valentine’s Day!

9.  Bekah said:  You know all those great fruits and veggies you canned/froze last summer? Have your own pot luck of local foods! (if your electricity is out refer to #2 and just make multiple snow ice cream flavors)

10.  Laura Stone said:  Have your own personal hymn sing… or better yet, invite neighbors over for hot chocolate and singing.

11.  Enten said: Hmmm… I’d add…Read a good book (The Good Book would be a good choice!)

12.  Mediate on God’s incredible world

13.  Play string with a cat.

14.  Peruse the seed catalogs

15.  Appreciate the beauty of cold snowy day!


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